Professional architectural scale model craftsman.

Your architectural Needs

Since the beginning of time, the scale model have always been the first step of any creation, allowing us to get a better idea of what could become plans, often too abstract. What better than a scale model, at the right scale, to demonstrate your talent and convince? Architect's plans, even in 3D, cannot looks like a real structure, something physical, something we can touch and feel. I still think that scale models always charm as well as before, when plans was hand made.

The beauty of Hand Craft, the Accuracy of Digital

The passion has forged my skills, for now almost 40 years, through evolutions and techniques, it's now a matter of hand work assisted by computers, for a very high degree of precision.
The architectural scale model is now one of the first step after the conception, just before the most important phase: the building construction.

Delivery always on time

I have been serving more than 200 customers now, all satisfied with the work done and certainly always amazed to see how a scale model can emphasize their work. What better than concrete to talk about concrete?
Whether your needs are in a hurry or not, I'll always take your requests with seriousness, with building times always as short as possible and delivery in the best time frame.